The company “MonMaslo” is expanding and developing upon becoming one of the reputable companies in Mongolia carrying out its business in the field of foreign and domestic trade and services.

      We became an authorized distributor of “YANTA-T” Group, Russian Federation in 2002 and brought its products for the first time in Mongolia.

      The company “MonMaslo” has been stably carrying outs its business for 14 continuous years until present.

      The company “MonMaslo” sells products such as oil, margarine, mayonnaise, ketchup, vegetable oil, powdered milk, coffee milk, liquid milk, palm oil, pasta, thickened milk, horse feed and oats in the Mongolian market according to the primary contracts made with the following companies. 

Russian Federation                                   




-  "EFKO"


Republic of Korea                                  

- “DH LEADER” Co., Ltd



Malaysia & Indonesia                                



-“DYNAVENA “                  

      Furthermore, we cooperate with large domestic companies and organizations such as “Nomin Holding” LLC, Ministry of Defense, “Mongol Supply Chain” LLC, “Talkh Chikher” JSC, “Bambuush” LLC, “Stimo” LLC, Orgil Center and 21 provinces of Mongolia. Meanwhile, the company successfully operates with 110 employees and 40 service and sales trucks, and has been making its contribution to the creation and development of our country.

      At the same time, we contribute intellectual knowledge of our consumers by timely providing them with information on significance and intended use of our products, and reliably and immediately arrange an activity to directly deliver the goods and products from seller to consumers upon managing sales operation with advanced software.